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Collecting, Preserving and Sharing Oklahoma’s WWII Experiences


View Dick Pryor's photos from the USS Oklahoma Memorial dedication.


Watch video from Friday, Dec. 7, 2007's USS Oklahoma memorial dedication in Pearl Harbor.

The Oklahoman, NewsOK and OETA are proud to bring you coverage of this event that honors the survivors and the lost from the USS Oklahoma.

Are you a veteran or were you a civilian supporting the war effort at home? What stories have your parents, grandparents or friends told about living during WWII? Our site provides several options that make it easy to share your story - online, telephone, e-mail or regular mail. [SHARE A STORY]

Read personal stories from Oklahomans who were on the frontlines, view photos from the WWII era, listen to WWII vets recount their experiences, explore The Oklahoman’s rich WWII archives and watch related clips from OETA’s video archives. [EXPLORE A STORY]
The wealth of themes explored in the study of WWII offers an extraordinary educational opportunity for the classroom.
Educators and students are invited to participate in the Oklahoma World War II Story Collection Project. Learn more about interactive Web casts, classroom activities and opportunities to build a wiki and blog. Educators: Get involved today! [CLICK HERE]